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The Gift of Choice, Family, and Love

Celebrate You- Celebrate Life!

Celebrate You- Celebrate Life! (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

When he was working on our post On  Holidays and Untraditions, Rho had a snippet of writing that he didn’t want to get rid of, so he started this post in case we wanted to make a Christmas post. When I opened it up today. I saw what he wrote. It struck me hard because the conversation I had at work was weighing on me. Here is what Rho had written:

“…and NEVER let this stranger know you have kids, because then you’re an asshole as a bonus! …Because you’re ‘denying the kids all the joy'”.

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On Holidays and Untraditions…

Thanksgiving at the Trolls

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US. So, it’s not unexpected to see that much attention is given to the holiday from meals, to parades to football. It’s has also been interesting to see how recurrent this Huffington Post article about sharing the holidays as a poly family has been. Looking Through.Us tweeted about an article that was at least a bit of an exception in that it acknowledged that there may be differences. Even this article, though, assumes that there is some holiday tradition. But what happens when there is none at all?
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