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No Place Like Home

I love marriage. Not necessarily the ‘official’ kind of marriage that requires a piece of paper from a judge or the blessing of a religious official, if that’s your thing. (It was a judge for us… but that’s a wholly different story.) Not the marriage that’s a construct of society, religion, the state, or anyone. I mean marriage that’s almost the living, breathing construct of no one but the participants.  Marriage in the sense of being bound to another by the deepest part of self. The kind of marriage that you feel within you. I’ve always felt that. That sense of comfort in the knowing that something is just…right. Like clicking the heels of your sparkling red shoes.

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.

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About Êta and about Rho

{η, ρ}

To start with, here’s this from our ‘Why’ page:

Two of x because, while x is completely unknown, we are the Two, and we know ourself, and we know ourselves. We know our selves as two people who value our relationship. We know our selves to be open and honest, even when it’s difficult. We know our selves to have a lot of life and love to share…

We know this stuff because we’ve had to learn it… Some (maybe much) of it the hard way… We’ve been at this and working on ‘us’ for quite some time, and think we have managed to come out of it with something pretty amazing…

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