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Typical Barrier

This has probably happened to most of us at least once… you’re really hungry, but you can’t think of anything you actually want to eat that doesn’t require more energy and effort than you have. But, then you remember that you’re really close to this restaurant. You don’t eat there very often at all, but every time you do, you leave saying that you need to eat more there more often because the food is surprisingly good.

Sex, and especially sex between two long time partners,  can be a lot like that sometimes. With work, school, kids, and just the rest of life in general,sometimes finding the compatible levels of horniness AND time AND energy can be a challenge. But, think about that feeling when you remember the restaurant…Think about that; that’s what mutual masturbation is to our sex life. So when Êta suggested the other night, with both of us quite tired and low on the energy front, that we head off to bed a little early for a bit of dual wanking, I eagerly and wholeheartedly agreed without hesitation.

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