We are Poly..

We are a male /female couple and we are currently looking for another woman to share our life with. I guess we are called unicorn hunters.  This term has taken on a negative view for some people. However I really think that it is unfair to be judged so harshly. Why can’t people make choices about how they want to live, who they want to love and how they chose to label or not label themselves?

I know this seems like a rant and I guess it may be, but really more than anything it is a form of reflection and explanation.

We are not currently looking for a male or a male/female couple to spend our life with. Why? Because, even though I consider myself bi-sexual I currently have no desire to be with another man. I know that at any time I can talk to my husband about any desires that I may or may not have to be with another man or men for that matter. My lack of current desire does not mean that I am not poly. This does not mean that I think my way is the right way and that someone else’s is wrong. Point of the matter is I do not think there is a right way or a wrong way to “be poly”. What fits for one family may not fit for the next.

Please don’t judge our  Poly.

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