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Typical Barrier

This has probably happened to most of us at least once… you’re really hungry, but you can’t think of anything you actually want to eat that doesn’t require more energy and effort than you have. But, then you remember that you’re really close to this restaurant. You don’t eat there very often at all, but every time you do, you leave saying that you need to eat more there more often because the food is surprisingly good.

Sex, and especially sex between two long time partners,  can be a lot like that sometimes. With work, school, kids, and just the rest of life in general,sometimes finding the compatible levels of horniness AND time AND energy can be a challenge. But, think about that feeling when you remember the restaurant…Think about that; that’s what mutual masturbation is to our sex life. So when Êta suggested the other night, with both of us quite tired and low on the energy front, that we head off to bed a little early for a bit of dual wanking, I eagerly and wholeheartedly agreed without hesitation.

As a general rule, I rather enjoy touching myself, but I love being able to witness Êta’s pleasure progress. The first tentative touches she takes are very are very telling; this time they evoked a sharp, guttural “unh!”, revealing her surprise at how good they felt so early into it. I was quite pleased that I had positioned myself with my feet at her head. I knew I was in for a visual treat. And that’s how we were for a few minutes. Each of us taking pleasure in being observed by the other. Nothing turns me on more than when she gets exceptionally excited by some movement of mine that she wasn’t expecting. On this occasion it was me wrapping my entire palm around the head, and doing nothing but squeezing it firmly for a couple of seconds, and releasing the grip.

To be honest, I didn’t have the mental wherewithal for much more than that because I was so deeply engrossed in Êta’s manipulations of her self. It was not long at all before I, abandoning all precept of ‘mutuality’ to this masturbation, rolled onto my side a bit and slid my middle finger inside of her in one long stroke from tip to the knuckle…joined hastily by my ring finger on the second stroke. I could tell she was getting much more than she had anticipated when she propositioned me to go to the room. Her wetness, and the surprise in her exhalations were more than enough to make it clear that her appetite was stronger than she’d thought.

Appetites can be funny things, though. Sometimes, once the appetite gets whetted with the possibility of satisfaction becoming reality, new depths are revealed. That’s when the desire takes new life and the unexpected can happen. But honestly, it was no surprise to me when she rolled over, reaching to the side of the bed and came up with her pal. The one we call Mr. Hitachi… And this is where we get to the title of this post.

real Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R

See, Êta has this thing with the Magic Wand where she doesn’t actually want it to directly touch her. So, unlike with other vibrators, she greatly prefers to have some kind of barrier between the vibrator and her skin. She’s not exceptionally picky about what it is as long as it’s clean, even though she’s managed to secure some old silk handkerchiefs of mine just for this purpose. But, they were nowhere near us just then. I didn’t want to stop fingering her, so I  looked around, quickly trying to find something nearby so she didn’t have to wait, but she would not be put off.

And like so many of the best things, it just happened. Up until this point, my index finger had been just sort of doing its own thing rubbing up against her rubbing her clit occasionally, flailing around as I worked my two fingers inside of her. But, with arrival of Mr. Hitachi, I had to keep the finger out of the way. It was easy enough at first, but the finger was still connected. So, I found myself resting the finger on the head of the toy, but as she removed it to make one of those ‘slight adjustments’ in the position of the toy that she likes to do, my finger ended up getting caught under the toy. This happened a couple more times as we both worked I can’t exactly remember if I suggested it or she requested it, but we decided to just leave it there.

There’s a lot more going on in the barrier between Êta’s clit and the vibrator than I’d have thought…not that I’d given it much thought before. It was an odd mix of sensation; the something-yet-nothing of the super strong vibration Mr. Hitachi is quite famous for…almost but not quite numbing one side of my finger while on the other side of the same finger feeling the motions those vibrations caused as well as the replication of those motions on her flesh. I began to realise that she felt the peculiar novelty of the sensation as well,because she wasn’t on her usual journey of teasing herself with breaks from the vibrator to let the pressure build up… Instead, she was forced to break more often to relieve the intensity to bearable levels.

My hand felt the warmth and soft fullness of her cunt intensify as she came. Her clit was bucking up hard against my finger and alternately retreating from it….This time, though, she was a bit more passive than her normal demanding or begging for more than just my fingers. Instead she just talked dreamily in her post-orgasmic half-murmmer about how much she loved feeling me inside of her after a orgasm like that one, knowing full well that I was in no state to deny her any pleasure I was capable of giving her. This one, like so many of our mutual masturbation sessions ended as something completely different than it was intended.

When it was all over we talked about how unexpectedly…something…it was for me to interact with Mr. Hitachi and with her in that way. I’ve remembered it ‘fondly’ on more than one occasion since then, and have wondered if it’s something we could replicate next time. But, just like that restaurant you don’t visit nearly often enough, you can never quite remember what you ordered last time…just that it was good, so you pick whatever on the menu seems good that visit.