Birds of a feather tweet together… We are back! After a bit of an unexpected break, we have a few of the things from our feed that caught our attention over the last few weeks that you may have missed. Click through for the list!

Hierarchy and Polyamory came up quite a bit over the past little bit, and we’ve got a couple of things here from that discussion that stood out to us. Also, our last Tweeting Together had some book recommendations for talking to kids about Poly, and there’s a little bit more this week. All in all, it’s really amazing how many many really good writers there are out there as well as unique and needed perspectives, and I’m sure that if there’s anything the internet can be credited with, it’s with giving them access to a wider audience.

  • @emilynussbaum tweeted this wonderful article by Zadie Smith on Joy and how it differs from pleasure. Beautiful writing, and even a reference to The Streets.
  • @xojanedotcom’s post “How a Gun-Loving West Texas Girl Learned to Fear Assault Weapons” is an excellent piece of writing.
  • @polymisanthrope tweeted “This is some excellent advice. Read it even if you think you don’t do hierarchical polyamory.” regarding this Solopoly article about giving all relationships, “primary” or otherwise their proper due. We couldn’t agree more about the quality of the advice.
  • @wordscanbesexy chimed in with the perspective of someone who seems to have migrated into a hierarchal relationship model. something else we thought was worth a read; more perspectives are always better.
  • @diabola tweeted this wonderful bit of commentary on the role of technology in our lives, and exactly what we implicitly seem to want it to do for us.
  • @makelovenotporn tweete “Don’t even THINK of starting a company till you’ve read this article by @paulg. Very well worth the read, even if you don’t don’t have any plans to ever start a company.
  • @hlpleasurecoach tweeted a sort of intro to Poly article with good experiential insight on What Polyamory is Not.
  • @omgrey also distilled some good intro to Poly information where by dispelling the ‘That doesn’t work’ & other myths about open relationships.
  • @polymisanthrope shared some quality advice for someone facing an unplanned relationship transition.
  • @AnitaWagner tweeted some more from Life on the Swingset covering the topic of books and media to help children develop a more open view of non-traditional relationships.
  • @PinupPoly served this interesting perspective on sex advice up with the comment that “The last half of the article makes it worth it”. We agree that it’s worth a read.

That’s some of the stuff that made it through the filter  this past bit that we’ve been busy. Leave a comment to let us know what you think, or who you follow on twitter? Tweet with us @twoofx; we’d love to tweet with you.