(η, ρ) ∈ X = {η, ρ, x}

Two of x… Because x is the unknown future; it is and hopes not yet realised, plans not yet made. Who, or how many, or even whether x exists is yet to be seen. x is the spouse(s) we don’t have yet, but that we want. The person(s) we want to love and share our world with…

Two of x because, while x is completely unknown, we are the Two, and we know ourself, and we know ourselves. We know our selves as two people who value our relationship. We know our selves to be open and honest, even when it’s difficult. We know our selves to have a lot of life and love to share…

Two of x because we want to share that life and love with x

Two of x because there’s also enough to share with the Universe… Even if no one is listening.

But, we hope you are listening. Leave a comment to let us know!